Outsiders Originals Shoot 11/17/18

On 11/17/18, Outsiders held their second photo shoot to promote the launch of their new line, “Outisders Originals.” As well as shooting pictures for the site, Outsiders shot their first promo video as well! With yellow and white smoke bombs ablazin’, the Outsiders team and their models shot some sick content at the Santa Rosa Plateua in Temecula, California. Our CEO Calah Olson, directed the photoshoot along side our amazing photographer Loree Olson. Our promo video was shot, directed, and edited by our talented Videographer, Sam Untalan! Loree has been apart of the Outsiders Creative Team since the launch, and we are so excited to welcome our Videographer Sam to the team!! The launch of the “Originals” line will be 11/18/18, so stay tuned and get ready for some sick new stuff!

Loree’s contact info: 

Portfolio and professional website: www.lifeimages.us

Number for booking: (760)-271-1034

Email for bookings: Loree9010@gmail.com


Sam’s contact info:

Instagram: @Saamuntalan

Email for bookings: Samuntalan13@gmail.com